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The next steps are after you have turned on your oil light!

Oil Changes Nashville TNVehicles are becoming more adept at communicating with their owners. Diagnostic tests for engine problems have been simplified at auto shops. Your oil light technology is the same as when cars were invented. Your oil light will tell you if your oil is low, dirty, or leaking. All of these reasons need immediate attention from a factory-trained technician.

Oil Pressure: The main function of your oil in an engine is to circulate the oil and keep moving parts cool, so that they don't break. Your oil pressure will drop if it isn't able to pump your engine as much and keep it cool. You will experience more heat and be left stranded if your vehicle is overheated.

Dirty oil: Oil can build up over time. Broken parts of your engine or road debris can get in the engine and make their way into the oil. Your oil will get thicker as it ages. The more oil pressure required moving the oil around the engine, the thicker it will become. Your oil light will turn on if the oil becomes too thick or dirty. The dipstick underneath the hood can be used to check the oil. The color and consistency of new, effective oil are the same as honey. Oil older than 10 years will appear darker and more like molasses.

Oil Leakage: There are many reasons an oil leak could occur. This could happen as a result of a minor accident. As your engine ages, it could become more severe over time. One possibility is that a fluid line connection was damaged by a pothole. It doesn't matter what; your vehicle could be leaking oil. This is not only an issue for your vehicle but also for the environment. If your vehicle is overheating, it's best to fix the leak immediately.

Regular oil and fluid checks are part of any preventative maintenance plan. This includes visual inspections of the fluid lines. Regular maintenance allows you to spot any problems before they escalate into major repairs.